Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Shrovetide"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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The painting “Shrovetide” was painted in the Art Nouveau style by Russian artist B. Kustodiev in 1916 All actions in the picture take place on the main square of a provincial town. In the foreground of the picture are people riding in painted sledges harnessed by a pair of festively decorated horses with bells and an arc with bells.

On the cheeks of people rosy with frost, smiles, joy, laughter. Nearby are trading merchants and the townspeople who are walking around are visible. The charioteer barely holds back the three horses. You can see how happy kids are rolling down the hills, snowballs are flying from a boy’s battle. Below is a bustling carousel, a noisy fair and crowds of people, either walking around, now shopping, or watching a performance. Several more sledges are also visible, the mass of festive fun is conveyed.

Winter colorful landscape serves as a great backdrop for the picture. The artist used an amazing palette of colors: turquoise, blue, gold and red shades. Parade of bright colors: pink and gold clouds are located on the emerald green sky; the snow shimmers with tender - blue, pink and pale lilac flowers. For shades of sleds used red and green patterns.

The church, surrounded by trees, is painted with light colors. These colors were not chosen by chance, they radiate a transfer of relations to justice and faith, because white is a sign of kindness and purity. The bright sun is equipped with contrasts looming against the backdrop of a snowy veil. Snow sparkles in the sun, and hoarfrost flakes falls from the trees, and its amount in the picture makes it look like a winter outfit.

Looking at the picture, a feeling of presence at this festive walk is created. She conveys the impressive warmth of this holiday. She is very optimistic and fully conveys the moments of festivities to Shrovetide.

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