Description of the painting Arkady Rylov “Field mountain ash”

Description of the painting Arkady Rylov “Field mountain ash”

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The painting was painted by a famous landscape painter and Russian artist in 1922. In it, the author used the saturated colors of paints, trying to convey all the beauty of summer Russian nature. Noon. Sultry summer. Foreground paintings are umbrellas of simple, but bright field tansy inflorescences.

Otherwise, it is called field mountain ash. A variety of summer flowers, against the background of lush grasses and a blue sky, I just want to go barefoot over them and smell and expanse the whole of Russian nature. Left and right in the picture are young and thin birches, the crowns of which sway in the wind.

The river is saturated blue, outlined by steep banks, as if it is a crossing line between the fields. In the background is depicted grass fields. A narrow strip of trees merges with the silent sky horizon. What about the sky? Amazing, covered with airy and lush clouds that run along it, playing, racing with each other. One can see the calm expanse of the river, the bank of which is overgrown with dense and lush grass. Somewhere in the grass, right along the shore, their branches of birch trees bent into the water. Dense thickets of green shrubs are visible on the opposite side of the river.

Space and freedom, breathing easily and freely, but remove the field rowan from the picture and it will acquire a different meaning, but not the one that the author wanted to convey to the viewer. Russian land fills the picture of the author with the unique emotions of the viewer. To understand, you need to see and feel it.

In the picture, everything is so lively and close to every Russian person that, you can say, the author did not miss when he painted this amazing work. The change of colors from rich green to yellowish red, and then to dark orange, gives joy, beauty and admiration for our Russian and multifaceted nature.

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