Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “After the Battle of Igor Svyatoslavich with the Polovtsy”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “After the Battle of Igor Svyatoslavich with the Polovtsy”

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Vasnetsov drew the attention of the viewer to the events that took place during the formation of Kievan Rus. However, this picture was painted in order to show people the courage and courage of the spirit, regardless of the outcome of the war.

This picture reveals to us the events that became legendary and were captured in a chronological source, entitled "The Tale of Bygone Years", which was carefully conducted by Nestor the Chronicler. In this collection of exploits and military operations, the “Word about Igor's Regiment” also found its place, from the course of literature from the school bench everyone knows this tragedy.

No wonder the artist portrayed death and despondency, this makes it clear that, even knowing what the outcome of the battle would be, the army of the valiant prince did not surrender and went to death, sprinkling the earth with blood and sweat. The figures are not depicted in a chaotic manner, but in such a way that when they were Rusich, they died fighting for the Russian land, fell with outstretched arms, so as to cover as much of their native earth as possible with their bodies. The young man, pierced in the heart by an arrow, a mighty hero, lying face down on the ground scattered in only fate in one understandable order, was well remembered.

The picture is permeated with pride and grandeur. The artist deliberately exalted death in order to give more passion and faith to the cause you undertake. This picture served as an incentive to military operations of the second half of the 19th century. She was the inspiration for the feat of arms and nobility, patriotism and self-sacrifice.

By his creation he urged us not to be afraid of death, but, on the contrary, to go to war with the thought of death as something majestic and inevitable, but so that it was just for the purpose, with the memories of descendants with admiration. Vasnetsov was not afraid to take the side of the opposition and sacrifice his work for good ideas and goals.

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