Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Birch Grove”

Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Birch Grove”

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"Master of Light" - such a nickname was given by Kuindzhi to other artists. Since it was always a secret for them, his unusual talent for depicting light was so real that it seemed as if it was not a picture, but a photograph. Until now, many artists are at a loss to look at the paintings and do not understand how and how to transmit the light of the moon or the sun's rays, so that, looking at them, squint.

The work "Birch Grove" was written in 1879. The canvas depicts a bright, radiant and sparkling daylight. Around everything is calm and quiet, a certain indescribable joy and delight settles in the soul.

The corner of a birch forest absorbed in the game of “bunnies” is so masterfully portrayed that you involuntarily become a witness to an unusual idea - the sun's rays are woven into the hanging branches of birches and “roll” on them, blown by a light summer breeze. And it seems that if you listen, you can hear the rustling of leaves and birds singing, the chirping of grasshoppers in tall and soft grass. Fullness with contrast of green color and its shades, allows to perceive closer all depth and splendor of a birch forest.

Next, we transfer to a stream, which with its fresh and cool stream takes us into the depths of the canvas, where we can no longer see it. However, the feeling of freshness and purity sharply creates a contrast between the summer heat and the saving coolness of the clear waters of the stream.

To give the forest density and depth, the artist draws dark silhouettes against the background of the picture, but he does not give them a concrete shape, which suggests that the most important thing here, before your eyes, is outstretched.

Kuindzhi achieves this subtlety of lighting effects with the help of a correctly selected composition of color and contrast. It is so subtle that you can feel the light while in darkness. Therefore, the author prefers to combine dark with light tones, so that some stand out against the background of others with their depth and purity. The dark forest gives us the opportunity to more vividly perceive the blue sky and the almost luminous trunks of birches.

The artist is delighted with the Russian landscapes, because it is the Russian forest that is full of thoughts and hopes, desires and prayers, which are very clearly felt, when you get into this wonderful nature.

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