Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Girl with Peaches”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Girl with Peaches”

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The famous work of the artist V. Serov - the painting "Girl with Peaches" was painted in the summer of 1887. The heroine of the portrait is the daughter of the well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist Savva Mamontov - Vera. The girl was only 12 years old when the master began to paint her portrait.

The work was not easy for him, and in order to complete the canvas, it took him three months. But the picture itself does not say this: it is so penetrated by lightness, airiness and light that it seems to have been created in one breath.

Verochka seems to be sitting motionless, carefully looking at the viewer. But by her swarthy face, on which a blush appeared, through her dark disheveled hair, it is noticeable that a few minutes ago the girl frolic in the sunlit garden. Another moment, and she will tear, like a butterfly from a flower, again into the garden to play with the children. And this very moment was captured by a talented artist.

What else can the picture tell us? If you look closely, you can see that the tablecloth is wrapped up and neatly laid so that its edges do not hang from the table. Usually this was done in those houses where there were small children, so that they could not pull the end of the tablecloth and overturn everything that was put on the table. It is on such a lapel that peaches, a knife and a pair of maple leaves lie. Apparently, Vera just brought peaches here to treat her playmates, and maybe a younger brother or sister. Probably, for this she needs a knife: you need to cut a peach and get a bone out of it. And leaflets are improvised plates for halves of fruit.

If you look into the girl’s eyes, you can see that she has a mysterious look, there is even something gypsy in him. Faith is charming and spontaneous, in her appearance one feels that she is a real instigator among the children. And now I have found an extra minute to grab a treat from the winter dining room for everyone. Her face is radiant with happiness, and everything around her is just as radiant. That is why the picture seems so harmonious and vital. Thanks to the techniques taken from impressionism, V. Serov was able to inimitably convey the play of sunlight, its saturation, and even what is difficult to actually draw - the airiness and fleetingness of the moment. “Girl with Peaches” gives the viewer a sense of joy and happiness.

Borovikovsky Lopukhina

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