Description of the painting by Vasily Maximov “Who is it?”

Description of the painting by Vasily Maximov “Who is it?”

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The picture of the Russian artist of the XIX century Vasily Maksimovich Maksimov "Who is it?" today you can see on display at the Ryazan Regional Art Museum.

The picture tells the viewer about the everyday plot from peasant life. In a simple peasant's hut, a peasant girl or a peasant woman stands near the door and attentively listens to the sounds coming from the closed door. Perhaps she is waiting for her night guest or, on the contrary, she is afraid of the sudden visit of a stranger.

The heroine is young and beautiful, a bit overweight, with a long light blond braid. She is dressed in traditional peasant clothes: a white shirt, a sundress with red embroidered motifs, and a white apron, on her neck with beads, it seems that she specially dressed up for a date with someone. However, the heroine is standing without shoes, and her face, turned towards the front door, looks scared. The peasant woman supported the front door with a grip, threw the smut from the stove onto the wooden floor, which testifies not only to her fright, but even to fear.

At the same time, despite the poverty of the environment (we see a consecrated stove with a stove, a pot standing on it, other objects of a simple peasant life) the picture itself conveys the atmosphere of a romantic expectation of something terrible, but attractive. Perhaps this effect occurs due to the fact that the heroine is young, beautiful with a special Russian beauty and completely lonely.

Her figure, frozen in anxious expectation, arouses sympathy and desire from the viewer to find out what nevertheless alarmed this young peasant woman. However, the author gives his viewers the right to interpret the plot of the canvas themselves, which gives his picture additional charm and charm.

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