Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Oak Grove”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Oak Grove”

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This masterpiece canvas shows, as you understand from the name - oak grove. But to say “that the picture shows an oak grove on a typical sunny day” means not to say anything.

Just a monumental canvas, one of the greatest artists of Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. The time between the idea of ​​this picture and its execution has passed about 30 years, apparently exactly so much time was needed for the artist to reach the peak of mastery, which we actually see in his beautiful work.

This whole picture is literally saturated with the light of the sun's rays and their warmth, each millimeter of this canvas shows a unique done titanic work, after which it becomes clear that for such a work even one century is not enough. Such thorough details give us a sense of naturalness and the loss of the line between reality and drawing.

Sometimes it just seems that you can enter this forest and even smell the fresh smell of it. The rays of sunlight on the grass are drawn with high precision, the gentle and warm rays of light seem to stroke the centuries-old mighty trunks of oaks and tree tops. Even taking into account that they are many years old and in some places the bark began to peel off, their high tops are still green and dense.

When observing this picture, the thought creeps into the head that these oaks stood several centuries before you, then you will not be there, and they will still be there for several hundred years. Almost all art critics call this painting by Shishkin, the most ingenious painting by Shishkin, which you can enjoy and experience all the feelings that I wrote about in this review.

At the moment, the picture is exhibited in the Kiev Museum of Russian Art, and anyone can do it, again and again, as if being directly in the center of this oak grove.

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