Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne "Still Life"

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne

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Paul Cezanne, the author of a large number of still lifes, called his masterpiece simply - “Still Life”.

Before us is a rather colorful, colorful work of the greatest creator of the brush and canvas. In the center of the picture is a table literally littered with piles of multi-colored kitchen tablecloths, they lie somewhat carelessly with whole rolls, some of them are slightly unwound, others lie on top of the third. But in general, such a pile of rags looks pretty picturesque. At the bottom of the table is a purple vase with a lid, to the left of it and closer to us is a whitish decanter or jug. And a little to the right of the center is a white kettle with a thin handle, lowered as if in our direction.

Between these objects and heaps of colored fabric, covering this table with its thickness, rosy, liquid apples are skillfully scattered. Their shape is perfect, and the color is akin to a golden glow shrouded in red rosy fruits ripened under the sun. A decanter, a teapot and three apples, located in the foreground of a still life, have a base in the form of a white tablecloth-towel, whose red lines add to the overall colorful palette of the canvas the appropriate centering of the composition.

In the depths of the canvas is a wall divided into upper and lower halves, where the top resembles the open space of the south street, in bright pastel colors, and the bottom is a kind of veranda parapet the color of fresh parchment.

The predominant colors of the picture: purple, red, white and yellow. This work, being a rather vivid picture in the literal sense of the word, evokes in any contemplator a feeling of some excitement bordering on a state of inflamed mind. And this is not surprising, many of the works of Paul Cezanne - paintings are contradictory, provoking, provoking and even insulting the feelings of some people. One way or another, but before us is a masterpiece!

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