Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Reflection"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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On a black background is a woman with a sleepy face.

She is wearing a blue open dress. The strap is slightly lowered on the shoulder. One arm is bent at the elbow in the same way as patients do after donating blood from a vein. The second hand is open, the fingers are folded in such a way, as if in the hands is some kind of thin object like a pencil or syringe.

Apparently - in front of us is a portrait of a morphist. A stiff eyelid, a body pose gives us such an analogy, moreover, next to the lady, on a gray table is either a towel or a tablecloth folded so that you can use it to draw veins for a successful injection.

Salvador Dali is an extraordinary figure and in places even sinister, therefore it is easy to assume that human vices could attract his attention as a material for artistic self-realization. Moreover, at that time, namely in 1929, the era of decadence reigned in the world, where morphine and cocaine were a completely ordinary attribute of the intelligentsia.

Let us return to the girl, behind her we see a bright shadow, like the forerunner of death. The light hits her face, as if from behind a frame. The woman’s long oily dark brown hair is combed back, her clear eyebrows curving delicately in a narcotic trance.

Also, taking a closer look, we can find that Salvador did not bother to draw eyelashes on one girl’s eye. Thus, there is a feeling that the eyeball of the lady sitting at the table, as if sealed, sealed or sealed. And this is also quite symbolic, given the general disharmony of the picture.

The overall style of the picture is somewhat convex, the variety of colors is rather meager, and the emotional echo caused by this work makes us reflect on why the artist painted it?

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