Description of the painting by Rembrandt "Self-portrait"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt

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Rembrandt is a Dutch artist of the 17th century. And he painted his most famous self-portrait in 1640, already being a famous and recognized artist. Rembrandt became famous as a portrait painter.

Among other well-known self-portraits, the work of 1640 stands out. Here is a confident man dressed in 16th-century fashion. Here he emphasized his spiritual kinship with the great predecessors of the High Renaissance.

Rembrandt in the picture is 34 years old, and he demonstrates in it his social significance and position. His clothes are rich, trimmed with expensive fur. Massive chain on the neck. The look of the artist is melancholy and confident. The background of the picture does not attract attention, it is neutral. Therefore, the attention of the viewer is attracted only by the figure of the artist.

Rembrandt painted himself in a variety of clothes. It could be the clothes of an Amsterdam merchant with fur trim, pendants and a heavy chain, or it could be modest clothes, with a simple beret on his head.

Self-portrait for Rembrandt is an expression of himself and his inner world. He expressed the slightest change in his own soul in a self-portrait. Rembrandt wanted to express all the richness of human emotions and expressions, body postures and position of his hands in paints, depicting a portrait. In the work, he worked out every detail, tried to reflect the nuances of the human face, to depict on the canvas the inner world of every person, including himself.

On the self-portrait of 1640 there is a signature and a date, below is the inscription self-portrait (in Old Dutch).

Rembrandt was a special artist of his century, but was not understood by contemporaries. In the 19th century, Rembrandt was remembered.

A 1640 Rembrandt self portrait is exhibited at the National Gallery in London.

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