Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Soft watch"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali was a man to say the least unpredictable. What can I say, he talked about space and time in two ways. On the one hand, he perfectly understood what properties matter has, and all sorts of nuances that would be more interesting to the scientist, but certainly not to the man of art, and even less so to the outstanding artist. But just the opposite.

They say that once at dinner, when El Salvador ate his favorite soft cheese, he did not get the idea that matter can be supple, soft and viscous like this cheese. And imagine, he plunged into this problem so deeply that he immediately interpreted all his reasoning and thoughts on this subject into an art work of art.

At first, looking at the picture, it seems to us complete absurdity, curves, and sloppy lines, watches, as if a little jelly state, etc. But the more you peer into this picture and think that the passage of time is not a solid quantity that is not subject to anything, and that all our ideas about matter are quite erroneous, then everything falls into place immediately. There are many ways to interpret this canvas, but the result will be the same.

For example, a key that is quite large, and most likely it opens some kind of large castle, which holds a great secret, for example, the secret of the universe or the meaning of life. But, unfortunately, as we see, this key is lost somewhere in the endless and endless sands of time, which symbolize the fact that time, although it has a certain vector, is only because we think so. But in fact, time is limitless, like this desert.

At the same time, the clocks that we see are curved, just like the vector of the flow of time can be curved, also lie on these serene sands, and Dali’s idea that matter and time, depending on the specific situation, also becomes clear can be quite malleable and not belong to themselves.

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