Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Girl on the Ball”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Girl on the Ball”

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This is perhaps one of the most famous paintings by Picasso. The artist wrote his masterpiece in 1905. "Girl on the ball" marks a new period in the work of Pablo Picasso, which researchers called "pink." The artist’s canvases are becoming more cheerful and positive. The main characters of his paintings at this time are people of circus art. It is worth noting that Picasso was not alone in choosing the theme. Many artists at the beginning of the century imprinted circus performers, feeling with them a kind of spiritual kinship.

On canvas "Girl on the Ball" Picasso depicted a strolling troupe of acrobats. In the center of the composition are two artists - a gymnast girl and a strong man. The child balances on the ball, rehearsing his number. The figure of the girl is gracefully bent, she raised her hands to maintain a delicate balance. The athlete sits motionless, his powerful body is full of calm. Two artists contrast sharply with each other. On the one hand, the fragility and impetuosity of a thin girl on a ball, and on the other, the strength, power and static of a man sitting on a cube.

The main expressive tool of Picasso is still the line. But unlike the paintings of the “blue” period, here we also see a perspective. In the painting "Girl on the Ball" is built with the help of several horizontal lines and small figures in the background (a woman with a child and a snow-white horse). Because of this, the picture does not look flat, it has lightness and airiness.

As a background, an image of a bare desert or steppe was chosen. This situation is not too consistent with the mood of the circus. Thus, the artist emphasizes that the life of these people does not consist only of fun, glee and applause from the audience. There is also need, grief, disease.

The color scheme chosen by the artist is also very characteristic. The blue color, so beloved by Picasso, remained only in the clothes of an athlete and gymnast. And the rest in the picture is dominated by shades of pink.

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