Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Rooks have arrived”

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Rooks have arrived”

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The picture "Rooks Have Arrived" A.K. Almost immediately, the simplicity and artlessness of this canvas attracted the attention of contemporaries. The well-known philanthropist and art lover Tretyakov immediately acquired this masterpiece for his collection.

The main theme of the picture is the onset of spring. The artist managed with extraordinary skill to show the awakening of nature after a long winter hibernation. The colors of early spring are not striking in their brightness. On the contrary, the canvas is dominated by a grayish-brown gamma, calm and muffled.

In the picture we see the outskirts of a village or a small village. The foreground is completely given to the image of spring nature. On the left - loose, thawed snow with traces of animals and birds. Nothing remained of winter splendor and snow-white splendor in it. It’s immediately clear that this sign of the cold season will soon leave no trace. On the right, snow has already turned into a spring thaw filled with clear, cold water. In the foreground, the artist also placed birches, thin, touching, and some especially defenseless in their nakedness. Their heyday is yet to come. In the meantime, rooks chose the bare branches of trees. These are the first harbingers and heralds of spring. Birds returned to their native lands and settle in their nests.

The next plan of the picture begins behind a wooden fence. Beyond it lies an endless field, on which snow still lies. The land is waiting for the start of agricultural work. Here you can see the roofs of village houses and an old church with an abandoned bell tower. The far edge of the field merges with the horizon line. The sky in the picture of Savrasov also indicates the imminent approach of spring. A bright blue is already visible through the veil of clouds, against the background of which the silhouettes of the rooks look especially bright and contrast.

The picture leaves behind a feeling of spring freshness, lightness, transparency, joyful foreboding and anticipation. This is a kind of symbol of renewal of all life in nature.

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