Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “In the Wild North”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “In the Wild North”

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The famous work “In the Wild North” by Shishkin was created in 1890 and is an artistic embodiment of the motive of loneliness, sung by Lermontov in the poetic work “Pine”. It bears some resemblance to the romantic painting of Kuindzhi, with whom the author at that time maintained friendly relations.

In the midst of cold darkness, surrounded by snow and ice, on a bare and inaccessible peak of cliffs stands a proud and lonely tree. His whole environment is a deep black gorge illuminated by cold moonlight, and endless snow-covered expanses.

We see how the harsh northern nature captivated the artist completely unearthly, like a fairy tale, beauty and incredible fortitude. With the help of a rich color scheme of shades and transitions, the master managed to convey both a feeling of cold silence and the oppression of loneliness.

And in this frosty kingdom, at first glance, there is already nothing alive. A lonely tree continues to live, despite the frost, winds and snows.

The mighty pine tree froze in silent oblivion and the expectation of better times. How much pride and dignity in this silhouette. On its strong branches, like a robe embroidered with gold on the priest's shoulders, heavy snow hills lurked. And a snow-white hat perched on top of her head. She practically takes out snow clouds and merges with them in flight over a cloudy sky. Around reigns a feeling of cold numbness and dreary silence.

One involuntarily wonders, what is a proud tree on a rock dreaming of during this harsh time? Perhaps about a close and kindred soul, also exalted in its solitude? Unfortunately, we will never know about this, but there is a feeling of admiration for the pine tree, which does not obey any adversity. This is probably a symbol of human pride and dignity, without which a person will not be able to climb to the top, especially not stand on it.

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