Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “The capture of the snowy town”

Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “The capture of the snowy town”

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The soul of the Russian people always craves holidays and noisy festivities. And we are used to celebrate such major holidays as Shrovetide on a grand scale.

In the homeland of Vasily Ivanovich Surikov, there is unusual fun. Snow fortresses are being erected from the snow, and on the last day of Shrovetide they staged a funny assault. Many people have always gathered to look at taking a town out of snow.

It is this unusual fun that Surikov’s work “Taking the Snow Town” is dedicated to

The painting was painted in 1891. The work was done on canvas with oil. The volume of the canvas is not small and is 156x282 cm.

The picture is optimistic and dynamic, which is usually not peculiar to the author. In the center of the picture is captured the moment of the triumph of a man on a black horse, breaking through the defense of a snow fortress.

On the face of the winner is the confidence that has come off the rider's chase. Behind them were the defenders of the fortress, who waving branches after him, apparently the rider on the way to victory was treated a lot with twigs. And, of course, not a single sight can do without a crowd of spectators. Surikov carefully paints not only the faces of people, but also the objects of the toilet and wardrobe. And all this happens against the backdrop of clear snow. It is the white background that creates the very contrast that is required to maximize the emphasis on people in the picture.

On Surikov’s canvases there are always many characters, despite this, the author tries to draw each of the characters, to give each of them an individual character, or to emphasize a strong emotion. When considering the picture, it becomes clear that the author did a very painstaking work on his work, because all the characters are registered.

To work on the painting “Taking the Snowy Town”, the author made 10 sketches of his friends and are familiar, and subsequently make these images on the main canvas.

The painting is an exhibit of the Russian Museum and is free for open access.


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