Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting Terrace Cafe

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting Terrace Cafe

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When creating his painting “The Night Terrace of the Cafe”, Van Gogh did not use black paint at all. But hardly anyone will argue that the canvas depicts non-night time. This canvas was created during the so-called Arles period of the painter's work (at this time, the artist's works clearly dominated by a yellow palette of shades). This canvas also confirms the abundance of the author's favorite color.

Looking at the canvas, you can even feel that this color shade, overflowing with a very saturated and bright glow, which, as if appearing from the inner depth of the canvas, resolutely denying everyday life and boredom.

There are suggestions that during the creation of this canvas, Van Gogh tried a fundamentally new approach to reproducing the surrounding reality: he painted the night terrace not in his workshop, as they usually did, but worked directly under the night sky. As is known from journalistic reports, for work in the dark, the artist, for the purpose of lighting, used candles attached to his hat.

There is no factual evidence to confirm the presence of such an extraordinary headgear. This is only mentioned once during the correspondence, where the author notices an unfair approach to the role of one candle, and yet it is enough to exclude the appearance of “a traditional night, with a whitish and cold light ...”

Researchers and critics view the entire composition of Café Terrace as an option very similar to Ankenet's famous work Avenue de Clichy in the Evening. In general, a purely positive mood prevails in Van Gogh's painting “Cafe Terrace”, precisely thanks to a very original lighting solution, which allows a simple viewer to perceive the canvas as an object of material and spiritual values.

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