Description of the painting by Arkady Plastov “In October”

Description of the painting by Arkady Plastov “In October”

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Soviet artist Arkady Plastov painted the painting “In October” in the early fifties of the twentieth century. Perhaps this is one of his most minimalist works. In the foreground is a tree with fallen foliage, on its top a couple of last leaves, ready to fall down under a severe autumn wind.

We see a wide field of sand color interspersed with amber, saffron and pomegranate flowers, and in the distance you can see trees covered with golden ornaments and distant unexplored horizons. The sky of steel shade as if conveys the frost and windiness of a calm October day. Lonely leaves are floating in the wind.

The picture radiates a cold harmony. Emotionally, she conveys loneliness and depression. It seems as if there was nothing more alive on this piece of land. Colds kill everything around and any life dies until next spring. Only a piercing wind reigns on the canvas, elusive to the eye, but palpable by the subconscious. Nature seemed to stop, froze for a while in a quiet, sad dream.

This canvas is significantly different from all the artist's work. After all, he usually has bright, emotional stories that reveal deep stories from the life of a simple Russian person. He describes everyday work and rich nature with rich, diverse colors, embodying poetry and lightness in them. Plast always shares with observers Russian folk traditions, reflecting in his works the life of a modern person.

“In October” contrasts sharply with traditional life-affirming, optimistic paintings. Nevertheless, this canvas is one of the most successful works, it shows us how a seemingly one-sided artist can show a completely different facet of his work.

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