Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Autumn"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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Oil painting "Autumn" is a picture of Alexei Savrasov of the genre of realism, completed in 1871.

A classic autumn motif: trees with yellowed and falling leaves, birds flying to warm countries, low clear skies and cloudy, dull colors. But there is a spiritual anguish in the picture, not just because of the autumn, but because of some circumstances that affected the artist’s life and mood.

The foreground of the painting is one or more intergrown trees standing sadly on a small hill. Nearby you can see a puddle, the result of autumn rains, which reflects a gray sky, and everything around is covered with darkened grass.

A little further the picture becomes more lively: yellow colors become brighter, a small house appears, from the chimney of which comes smoke; mill and river. And on the other side of this river, even the trees look livelier, brighter. You can understand such a composition as the visualization of life's adversities, which seem so big and terrible, being near, but enough to move on and they will pass. Perhaps this was another message, and perhaps it was not at all.

The lonely house next to the mill also inspires sad associations and a gloomy autumn mood.

The golden forest in the distance gradually becomes a dark, impenetrable grove, stretching to an equally dark horizon. The last flock of birds, flying in a wedge, also reaches for him.

In his painting, Savrasov conveyed the atmosphere of that very autumn, about which many speak and think with obvious discontent. But even in dull landscapes, the author’s love for everything around is visible: these trees, which have lost their colors, a lonely house, sad colors ... The picture shows longing, but does not convey it to the beholder, making it clear that this also has its own charm, which makes one admire mastery artist

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