Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli “Venus and Mars”

Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli “Venus and Mars”

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Venus and Mars is a painting by the Florentine artist Sandro Botticelli, written in 1483, the main theme of which is the victory of Love.

The plot of the picture is as follows: in a meadow or clearing in front of a quiet grove of myrtles in calm poses opposite each other are two gods: Mars, covering his naked body with a loincloth, is sleeping soundly on his cloak; dressed Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, leaning one hand on a soft pillow, looks in love at the young god of War, guarding his dream. The fauns, they are satyrs, in every possible way amuse themselves with the ammunition of the sleeping god: they drag somewhere a spear, and one of them does not understand where at all - a big helmet closed his eyes, which causes laughter of a man walking in the middle; the one in front blows loudly into Triton’s shell right in the ear of Mars. The one from below climbed into the armor and seemed to admire the look and beauty of Venus.

As already mentioned, the meaning of the victory of Love over the War, which, given its plot, is quite obvious. Venus is capable of completely disarming the militant Mars, creating complete harmony and understanding.

The customers for the painting were the Vespucci family, whose reference was wasps flying peacefully in the upper right corner (it was the wasps that were depicted on the family coat of arms). The reason for the order was the marriage, which was expressed in the choice of the theme of Love.

So, Botticelli, inspired by classical images and antiquity, painted the canvas according to all the canons of the Renaissance, but showing a certain degree of innovation: funny and lustful fauns are an obvious replacement for traditional cupids accompanying lovers in paintings.

The painting "Venus and Mars" was a huge success among contemporaries, and Botticelli only once again showed his unprecedented talent, giving us a beautiful work of art.

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