Description of the painting by Klimt Gustav Water Snakes

Description of the painting by Klimt Gustav Water Snakes

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Gustav Klimt from 1904 to 1907 was engaged in writing two paintings with almost the same plot: “Water Snakes I” and “Water Snakes II”.

The appearance of these paintings, or rather, these feminine figures, lures the viewer into the world of sweet fantasies, enchanting all men and youths with their appearance, causing a fast heartbeat and rapid pulse. A similar plot was already met in the work of Gustav in The Current and Silver Fish, and now, a few years later, he wrote two such works.

But what kind of wondrous virgins are they, reminiscent of too thin fairytale mermaids in one picture and living, young girls in the second? The name makes it clear that appearances are deceiving, and these beauties are more like Nymphs: they are just as cold and slippery, and all their charm is bestowed on them by the icy ocean. They are happy in their kingdom and the desire for love or the search for a soul mate does not live in them. But nevertheless transparent pinkish skin, bright red hair, the end of which merges with seaweed and water and the natural forms of these maidens do not cease to attract.

Gustav liked to portray in his paintings the underwater kingdom with its inhabitants: fish, shells, mollusks and light algae. Among the whole abyss and corals, we see the image of a woman, to which all symbols inevitably lead. In this unthinkable dream, algae transform into hair, everything merges: figures, shells, stars - into a single whole, into a composition where dark and light tones, bright and dull are adjacent, turning everything in the picture into a shimmering magnificent symphony.

You can immediately notice that Klimt preferred writing female images to masculine ones, while the latter usually played the role of a living background or simply were relegated to the background. But the women in his paintings are in all their glory, in accordance with the fantasies and desires of their creator.

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