Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Bolshevik"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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Perhaps there is no such person who would not know this picture. The painting was inspired by the October Revolution. The motive for painting was the artist’s desire to convey to the viewer the image of the hero of that time - the Bolshevik.

In this picture, the character was first painted by the artist in a manner completely atypical for him. Kustodiev had never before portrayed unrealistic characters. In this case, there is a grotesque increase in the role of the Bolshevik figure.

A huge man in a cap with earflaps and a quilted jacket walks through the streets of the capital with a huge waving flag of the country of Soviets in his hands. The flag is huge, it is a symbol of the fire of revolution. And everywhere people, people, people ... They are armed, they are determined to fight for their interests. the face of the giant is no less determined. He is a simple Russian man, an ordinary worker. He is the same as everyone who took to the streets. He walks confidently, clearly understanding where his path leads.

Before him there is only one barrier - the church. It is she who symbolizes imperial power, its last bastion. But she will not stop the giant either - he will take a decisive step and cross the church with ease. The movement of revolutionaries is striking in its mass character and power.

The giant, as it were, personifies the leader of the crowd - he shows people the right path, leads them to a new life. The Bolshevik shows them that there are no more obstacles and fear, ahead of the Soviet people only a bright future awaits.

The picture is full of illusory ideas about the very meaning of the revolution and its significance for the people. This is due, first of all, to the misunderstanding of these problems by the author of the picture. Kustodiev was very grateful to the Bolsheviks for their help in his work and appreciation of his talent. His gratitude to a greater extent formed the basis of this canvas.

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