Description of Claude Monet's painting “Boulevard of Capuchin in Paris”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “Boulevard of Capuchin in Paris”

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The artist Monet often depicted this particular part of the street. Often depicted on the canvas this particular boulevard, but, however, at different times of the year and even at different times of the day. And therefore it is precisely these paintings that have value.

In general, this is a new style, new then, now we have known for a long time - impressionism. It is easier to explain this style as follows: what I see and portray. Pissarro, Monet, Mans ... These are far from all the names, many French artists of the late 19th century - the beginning of the 20th century have tried at least a little in this style.

Again, not everyone stopped at it. Here Monet just in this style of painting and lingered. This canvas depicts Capuchin Boulevard in the morning or afternoon. And it is clear that the boulevard lives its own hectic life.

People wander along the wide sidewalk back and forth, some on business, and some just idly staggering. And carriages or only the very first cars that have recently appeared move along the roadway. You definitely won’t understand at what time of the year this painting is written.

Most likely, this is early spring, when the snow has not yet melted. There is another canvas where the same part of the boulevard is shown in the evening, where everything sparkles with lights and there are, by the way, no less people. But here on this canvas one day the French capital and that part of the boulevard, where there are shops and theaters, cafes and restaurants. The capital boils, boils with its unique life.

But not only this boulevard was represented by the artist. There are also canvases where the master repeatedly depicted the same room at different times of the year and day. And each time visually the room was different.

Different colors, different lighting gave the building a fantastic look. There is even a feeling that it is painted in these colors, although in fact the building is gray. And what colors it? Nature, the sun, and sometimes fog gives a completely distorted image.

This beauty is bewitching, whether it be Kapucinok Boulevard or something else.

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