Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “In the Kitchen. Portrait of Katya »

Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “In the Kitchen. Portrait of Katya »

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The author of this painting is the mother of beautiful children. She repeatedly expressed her love for them in her paintings. A lot can be found in her work of such paintings. So, “In the kitchen. Portrait of Katya ”is one of them.

This painting depicts the daughter of the artist. She is dressed in simple but bright clothes. Blue sundress stands out sharply against the background of a snow-white blouse. She sat down at the dining table, as if for a moment before some important matter. The viewer makes the viewer think about the face of the child - she is focused and thoughtful.

One can only guess what thoughts the girl has in her head. Perhaps he thought about what to cook for dinner for his family - the little assistant was not the first to help her mother in the kitchen.

On the table in front of the girl is a wicker basket with chicken eggs, one of them in Katya’s hand, most likely, she examined whether there were any spoiled or cracked ones.

On the table near Katya there is a large beautiful jug, in which there was usually milk - which child does not like to drink a cup of thick cow's milk for breakfast. In front of the girl is a large number of vegetables, which are painted so picturesquely that the viewer may experience an appetite. Among them, you can see a certain amount of beets, which with its brightness betrays its ripeness. Carrots were also located nearby - their own, grown by caring hands, which is why it is so bright and large.

On the table you can see several fish - most likely, these fish are caught by members of the Katya family.

The picture evokes a sense of joy in the viewer - the expression on Katya’s face, her look, the atmosphere at home - all this instills a sense of beauty, a feeling that this girl has everything in life, her family has love and happiness, which means she has a bright future. The combination of white and blue tones in the picture convey the symbolism of purity and naivety of the children's image, which is permeated with a thirst for life.

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