Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Rainbow"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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Savrasov sought beauty in simple, ordinary landscapes. His paintings are imbued with love for native spaces. From under the artist’s brush, seemingly simple corners of Russia, but sweet to the heart and soul. The picture "Rainbow" is also from this series. Rickety huts, dense thickets, ravines, blurred roads, rough banks and wide rivers - all this is so commonplace and so natural.

The picture shows the outskirts of the village with gray rickety houses, a descent to the river in the form of a wooden staircase. After the rain, a rainbow appeared above the village, transparent, slightly noticeable. Streams flow down the hill, forming grooves.

In the distance you can see the continuation of the village. And above it are black clouds that carry rain with them. Of the people, only one woman is shown who returns home from the river. She carries a rocker with buckets filled with water. On the right in the picture is a river. It reflects a brownish-yellow sky. The water is still cloudy after the rain.

The sky occupies almost half of the canvas. And on the lower half dominated by lush green grass washed by rain. Most likely a severe thunderstorm passed. The rain is over, the clouds are gone, but the streams still flow. The air is clear, no dust. It creates a feeling of silence and serenity.

Rainbow is the lightest part of the picture. But at the same time, it is not bright, not artificial. It is light, weightless, like air and light. The boardwalk seems to lead to the rainbow. And the rainbow itself connects heaven and earth.

You can use your eyes to trace the long line dividing the picture into two parts vertically. It begins as a road at the lower edge of the canvas, which then leads to the hill. This climb continues the rainbow, flying up. Can the connection of earth and sky be so reflected? Or the harmony of this place? People here have not conquered nature. They learned to live with her in unity, reconciled with her strength. They know that after a severe thunderstorm, a fresh joyful rainbow will soon appear. From this landscape is not at all sad and heavy, but light and light.

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