Description of the painting by Alexandre Benois “Versailles. King's Walk

Description of the painting by Alexandre Benois “Versailles. King's Walk

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Alexander Benois showed great interest in the art of Russian and European Baroque since childhood. He sought to achieve a synthesis of Western European trends and some elements of traditional Russian folk art. He began to draw in kindergarten. The atmosphere in the house contributed to its artistic development.

From 1896 to 1899, Benoit lived in Paris and visited Versailles. It was then that he began to study the era of Louis XIV. Benoit created a series of paintings dedicated to Versailles. It was difficult for him to express the beauty of the park in one or two works. In his images he wanted to reconstruct the magnificent past of Versailles. Benoit perfectly understood the events of the past and was able to see things through the eyes of a man of the 20th century.

In the work “Versailles. King's Walk »nature and history manifest in indestructible eternity. Architectural structures, statues and alleys preserve the memory of the creators and owners of the Versailles ensemble. In the work of Benoit Versailles is presented as the image of an era. Versailles Gardens is one of the finest surviving examples of French architecture and design.

The picture conveys the unique atmosphere of the park. Almost half of this image is occupied by a gray sky. Most likely, there was fog at that time, but the rays of the sun persistently shine through it. The alley dividing the park into two parts goes far into the distance. This landscape is enlivened by the small ironic figures of the king and his courtiers. The king is depicted as a deceased old man being carried in a wheelchair. While one young courtier is carrying the king, two are talking about something, walking behind.

The picture is painted with watercolors and gouache. And the lines made with a pencil add volume to the image. Now you can admire the picture in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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