Description of the painting by Alexander Popov “Suzdal”

Description of the painting by Alexander Popov “Suzdal”

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Alexander Popov is one of the best brush masters who created portraits and landscape compositions. A striking example of this is the painting "Suzdal." The artist presents to our eyes a winter picture of the outskirts of the city.

The author of the canvas depicts a very interesting time - the early winter. If you look closely, in the middle of all the snow-white beauty you can see the recent breath of autumn - the few remaining yellow leaves on the trees. In general, the entire outskirts of the city are strewn with fluffy bluish-white snow. It shows small trees and bushes. In the background are many bushes and trees dressed in snow outfits. And in the blue sky a yellow lightning can be seen.

The artist very naturally conveyed all the colors of winter. From the picture it breathes calm and silence. Everything around was covered with fluffy white snowflakes, winter nature was falling asleep and it seemed that the snow was about to crunch underfoot. The domes of cathedrals on both sides of the painting complete this whole grace. And how well the master of the brush chooses paints: snow-white and blue he harmoniously combines with golden yellow.

The bluish snow only emphasizes the blueness of the walls of the church, and the golden baths of the temples shine and shimmer from heavenly yellowness. And the sky itself is combined with the general background of the picture. This beauty of Suzdal is amazing and magnificent. It seems that the outline of the cathedral, which is on the right, has changed by the time of the year and according to the position of the sun. I must say that the artist gave Suzdal some kind of magic and charm.

Popov so naturally conveyed what was happening with paints and clearly prescribed all the details that sometimes it seems like this is not a picture at all, but a high-quality photograph taken by a professional. We are amazed how the painter noticed all this and feel the presence of the artist himself, because not everyone will be able to see beauty in what would seem ordinary.

Dora Maar

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