Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne Pierrot and Harlequin

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne Pierrot and Harlequin

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Creating the painting "Pierrot and Harlequin", Paul Cezanne created the plot, which was dedicated to the holiday of Mardi Gras. This is the last day of Shrovetide on the eve of Lent. But in the picture itself there is not even a hint of an Shrovetide carnival or a fair. Here we see only two young people dressed in carnival costumes. Apparently, they have just stepped on the stage, waiting for the festive ceremony.

The figures and facial expressions depicted on the canvas more closely resemble the images of puppets. Around them, the artist depicted the appropriate environment. This is a scene, and a chic curtain, and brightly colored outfits. In his work, Pierrot and Harlequin, Cezanne deviates very much from his usual style of drawing. The brush master always avoided thoroughness in depicting small elements, but here he very vividly depicted all the details of the costumes of theatrical heroes, in particular collars and buckles on shoes. In addition, he gave expressiveness to the faces of the acting characters. Cezanne paints adds to the quirky and cheerful Harlequin arrogance and cynicism, and to the shy Pierrot of insincerity and secrecy. It seems that the dreamy Pierrot thinks about something of his own, but if you look closely, you can see how he secretly wants to push Arlekino. The artist himself paid much attention to his creation. The canvas turned out to be quite colorful, as the painter uses a wide range of colors. Take, for example, the bright outfit of Arlekino, which highlights the figure of the hero against the general background and attracts the viewer's eye with painted black and red rhombuses. By the way, they perfectly reflect the sharp character of the character. Working on the folds of Pierrot's costume, the master used gray-green shades, showing himself to be an excellent draftsman. The author added color to the curtains, which emphasized the severity of the fabric. But the wall, which has become the main background, has several shades of green, therefore it is an excellent contrast to the color resolution of the costumes. The painting “Pierrot and Harlequin (Shrovetide)” had many sketches, executed in different techniques: pencil, watercolor and oil. Consequently, the artist worked hard to create a real masterpiece.

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