Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel "By night"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel

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Many critics attribute this painting to the most mystical period of Mikhail Vrubel’s work. Beauty and truly mysticism fascinate. The night is near, the moon is visible. But horses graze on a poppy field, and a shepherd is next to them. But it is he who is bewitching.

Only the back is visible, the face is not visible, and this makes us wonder: who is in front of us? Given that Vrubel all the time portrays either demons or mystical birds, one can imagine who grazes horses. Well, yes, the same Pan. The poppy field to the waist hides both animals and an unusual shepherd, and even the night does not give a good view of the characters. But it seems that the artist himself, as it were, illuminates them with a lantern and quickly sketches them so that they do not quickly disappear. But maybe they are mystical persons.

But Pan, for example, will disappear, but there is no horse - they just change color: they become bay from red. And again they will become simple animals, not companions of someone extraordinary.

Vrubel remarkably subtly observes the connection between nature and the mystical world and gives this a broader concept than our simple understanding of a myth or fairy tale. It seems to make it clear that our two worlds - the real and the mystical - are nearby, you just have to look at some things, or go out into the field to the shepherds. And at dusk, at first it will seem to you that they are people like people, and by night ... For their stories, for profits and fables, you begin to forget who you are talking to and what you are listening to. You find yourself in some other world, but at the same time you tangibly understand that everything is still in the field, and the horses are nearby. That's probably what the Master wanted to convey. And it seems he succeeded.

It’s not enough for us to dream of the night ... But then, as an adult, there will be something to remember and tell our children and grandchildren. Yes, only they will certainly think that these are all fairy tales.

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