Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Landscape”

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Landscape”

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The great artist Paul Cezanne was not only a master of the genre of cubism in painting, but was fond of painting landscapes. In these works, the creator most often depicts Provence - his homeland. And he himself said that one who was born here will never be interested in such beauty. The universalism present in the work of Cezanne is incredible and close to any of the connoisseurs of painting in this direction.

At first glance, the picture does not seem to the viewer as a masterpiece of landscapes, since discreet sketches are too simple in their colors and shades. But if you evaluate the work on the breadth of knowledge of painting, then the quality of nature, like a life force, shines in the picture. Gradually, the master lays out the perfect outline of the compositions.

The work of Paul Cezanne “Landscape” combines a sea bay and houses that are neatly lined up on the shore. The trees seem to be trying to cover the rebuilt houses with their foliage. Love for nature is the emphasis that Cezanne guided in writing the picture.

Rocks in the distance beckon with their plasticity and angular shapes. Weather conditions are calm, as the sea looks calm as if calm. The reality that is present in the work surprises with its neat features. The artist does not seek to single out one thing, so the integrity of nature and life is observed by the viewer.

Undoubtedly, Cezanne does not abandon the cubic orientation, but this does not prevent him from showing the purity of the surrounding beauty. The depth of the artist’s art transforms everyone’s inner state. There is no theater and play, but there is maximalism, which is pronounced and never ceases to amaze. The warmth of sounds comes from Cezanne's masterpiece; his style cannot be confused with anyone. A distinctive feature of the work "Landscape" - was the artist's penetration into the subtle beauty of the natural world.

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