Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “In the Moscow Kremlin”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “In the Moscow Kremlin”

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The historical paintings of Vasnetsov quite accurately illustrate the places of ancient Moscow and are important artistic specimens. His creations have always been based on archaeological essays, as well as artistic and written documents, which is why they are rightly considered to be real historical images.

In his work “In the Moscow Kremlin”, the artist captured a likely visual view of the Kremlin from the Borovitsky Gate in 1382, namely, before the attacks of Tokhtamysh.

As you know, Kremlin Castle has become one of the 4 cities that formed the territory of ancient Moscow. It was also the first stone fortress built in the north-east of Kievan Rus. At the intersection of the Kremlin with the most strategically important routes, people built the strongest and highest towers, equipped with gates allowing access to the Kremlin. The gates were closed with strong steel or wooden alignments. From the outside, closer to the towers, special arrow-towers were placed, allowing to ward off the attack. The most famous Kremlin towers were Spasskaya, Borovitskaya and Nikolskaya.

In the artist’s painting you can see one of the travel towers, namely Borovitskaya. From it stretches a high and strong stone wall protecting the inner city. A white stone wall was built in 1367 instead of burnt wooden fences, when white stone began to enter the city. It is from this small stone town that great Moscow begins its origins.

From two sides the fortress was surrounded by rivers - Moscow and Neglinnaya. One of the rivers flows in front of the tower, many people go about their usual business. Several filled boats with raised sails are moving along the river.

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