Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Girls on the Volga"

Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

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The painting "Girls on the Volga" was a discovery for the artist, who opened the world of "everyday life". Confessing later to the writers, having tried for themselves an unusual style, he was keenly interested in the joys and difficulties of "ordinary" people.

The canvas harmoniously depicts girls who, out of breath, descended from the path. As if dancing, they are preparing for games in the river.

The picture is lively and dynamic, this is evidenced by their gestures, posture movements:

One girl braids a braid, caring for herself. This subject reflects all the superstitions of the people. The Slavs had numerous traditions, where the braid possessed mystical powers and was a sign of honor. To spread it in public means a transition from a girl to a married woman.

Another girl takes off her upper skirt and other clothes, preparing to frolic in the water.

A little girl waiting for her older friends and mother, who carefully took the baby to the side.

On the slope, you can notice two more figures running towards the river bank.

The artist sought to convey everyday moments with his characteristic subtlety. At first glance, you cannot say that these are peasant women preparing for bathing. The process is more reminiscent of ritual dances: graceful postures of hands and body, beautiful legs. The viewer can fully enjoy the aesthetic process of preparing for swimming. Even the graphic quality of the means used by the artist does not interfere, but rather looks harmonious. Unusually chosen and the perspective of the plot, where four girls look three-dimensional, and the background remains flat and somewhat theatrical.

Very complex colors are also used which, if misused, can ruin the plot. Red, blue, yellow and green allows you to make the picture pastel and soft. It resembles some ancient frescoes and the style of drawing of antiquity, where movement and life in poses were mainly transmitted.

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