Description of the painting Vasily Polenov "The Old Mill"

Description of the painting Vasily Polenov

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Vasily Polenov became famous as a master of the landscape genre. The painting "The Old Mill" is a striking example of the artist's creative genius. The mill is the compositional center of the picture. It is to her, first of all, that the spectators turn their eyes. The impression of fatigue and gentle thoughtfulness. The logs of the structure turned black from moisture and dampness, and the roof fell off for a long time from heavy rains.

In Russia there was a belief that all mills are under the protection of evil spirits. It is not known whether Polenov used this peasant belief, but he gave a very clear idea of ​​what the neglected building should look like. The mill fits perfectly into the surrounding reality, it stands against a misty forest, the river slowly flows near steep banks. The picture embodies the equanimity of predawn dormancy. Nature froze in anticipation of the dawn. As soon as the sun rises, the fog dissipates - a new day will come.

Most likely, the work was written in the summer. Everything blooms and breathes the elusive warmth of the summer dawn. There is still a slight fog on the street that envelops the river and the surrounding nature. A boy is sitting on the shore. He has been fishing for a long time, at the same time he came to visit his good friend. The mill used to help people, but now it’s aged and desolate.

Nature slumbers on the mirror surface of the river, the mill sleeps a sensitive dream. As soon as the first rays of dawn appear on the horizon, the river will wake up, change its mind and run faster, far into the distance. Then the mill will spin, only nobody needs its help anymore. So, she spins from dawn to dusk.

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