Description of the painting Isaac Levitan "Moonlit Night"

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan

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The painting was painted in 1897.

The artist understood all the charm of a gentle nature. Her charm is transparent, and the charm is filled with special sadness. His painting makes a special impression on us. It is very simple and natural, but it is in this extraordinary sophistication. It is important that for this sophistication Levitan did not make any efforts. We do not feel any special far-fetchedness. This arose on its own.

In the last paintings of Levitan, the hand of a virtuoso master is felt.

The picture depicts the weather, quite thoughtful and really gloomy. We do not see the moon, it only illuminates the road. It is by the nature of the lighting that one can guess that the moon is not bright, but faded. The sky is not dark, as one might suggest. It shimmers with gleams of moonlight. Light and dark intertwine in the sky, giving it a special charm.

Incredibly slender birches rise on the sides of the road. Their trunks are almost white with only slight shades of gray. In the distance, small houses are slightly guessed. It can be assumed that the village is located there. There is no doubt that along this path, illuminated by moonlight, it is pleasant to walk at night. The audience of this picture just wants to walk along it, admiring this wonderful sky, plunging into this wonderful atmosphere of solemn dusk.

Levitan skillfully used paints. All colors are quite cold, as if transparent. The nature depicted is quite ordinary, but in the light of the moon pouring on it, some worlds are bizarrely reflected. The trees, the road seem to be somehow unusual and almost alien, but at the same time as familiar and familiar as possible.

Levitan’s skill is to depict landscapes familiar to absolutely everyone in a completely different way. He could find something special in the ordinary, feel his new sound and convey it to the audience of his creations.

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