Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “A Vase of Flowers with a Coffee Pot and Fruits”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “A Vase of Flowers with a Coffee Pot and Fruits”

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Vincent Van Gogh is a representative of post-impressionist painting. This direction was distinguished by its desire to portray the essence of reality, a regular element of the environment, and the social state of life in general. The artist worked in this style because he is close to the creative technique of images and the pursuit of excellence.

The Prague period of life allowed the artist to create another masterpiece “A vase with flowers, coffee pot and fruits”, made in the still life genre. The work is filled with bright colors, the artist’s palette seemed to be enlivened by light and joy. From the technical drawings, the earthy hue, which gives the paintings a sad appearance, gradually disappears. “A vase with coffee pot and fruit flowers” ​​expresses the notes of peace and tranquility that appear as a result of the pressure of impression.

Van Gogh's artwork can be considered as a general image of objects, as well as each image individually. The exact features of a vase, apples and coffee pot are in harmony. The artist depicts a real atmosphere that can be found in everyone in the house. He does not depart from the correctness of still life, but adds a motive for reality and the constancy of the existence of objects.

An analysis of the artist’s work, notes that the public could not accept some of his work. Probably, the works of Van Gogh seemed unusual, and at some moments suspicious. The author was desperate and depressed. It was this situation that led the artist to the heyday of creativity. Overcoming the crisis entailed a new path in the paintings. The main side in the drawings of Vincent Van Gogh was the image of real images, but in arbitrary colors. The artist’s talent cannot be taken away, so the activity of Van Gogh found his successors and connoisseurs in the future.

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