Description of Caspar David Friedrich's painting “Sunset”

Description of Caspar David Friedrich's painting “Sunset”

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The works depicting the landscapes of Friedrich are unclear, often filled with complicated symbols, almost constantly mystical and implemented by arguments of contemplation of the abyss of the planet. The individual in his works is not an arbitrary hero.

The development of works of general philosophical significance for Frederick is the path to ease and freedom. A lot of the artist's works are dedicated to landscapes, one of which was the painting “Sunset”.

The masterpiece "Sunset" is one of the most fascinating works of the artist. The essence of the picture is what is right to see the sunset in the summer in open places and the steppe.

At sunset, many rays are reflected in the river. The sun is slowly dropping to the horizon. It is no longer burning and blinding, as in the daytime. It just gently warms up with the remnants of daylight, and burns farewell, slowly hiding from the horizon. The painting “Sunset” is imbued with a romantic mood, this is evidenced by the image of a couple in love near the trees.

The painter uses discreet tones of colors that should not obscure the glimmers of the sun. The feeling of the onset of a warm evening warms the soul, and calls for rest. For Frederick, nature becomes a circle of spiritual experience, he is absorbed in romance, and cannot leave this direction. So subtle are his feelings. The sky is depicted with a purple tone, which expresses the complete calmness of thoughts and sensations.

Frederick’s creativity is seen as an opportunity for the viewer to transfer to another space. An abundance of such colors and shades confirms this theory. Undoubtedly, there were many artists of this era who tried to move, the world is real in second place. But Frederick was more experienced in matters of images of magical space, and pursued the idea of ​​unity with the "soul of nature."

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