Description of the painting by Konstantin Alekseevich Vasiliev “Prince Igor”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Alekseevich Vasiliev “Prince Igor”

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The art of painting involves a lot of great painters and masters. One of these is Konstantin Alekseevich Vasiliev - a representative of Russian modernity. The work of Konstantin Alekseevich represents a diverse genre of masterpieces: landscape themes, graphic essays, portraits, realistic composition, epics and mythological orientation.

The position of critics regarding the work of Vasiliev of a bilateral nature. Professionals consider the young creator the personification of the spiritual and mythological world. Ordinary art lovers say that Konstantin Alekseevich is the creator of reality and excellence. Endless discussions about the feelings of the artist at work, impress and delight the viewer.

The artist reflected the display of the Russian spirit and courage of the people in his work “Prince Igor”. Based on the events of the story “The Word of Igor's Campaign”, the prince is depicted, firmly defending his native lands. The picture is filled with night trends, it is probably very late to change something both in battle and in the quest for victory.

The expressive look of Prince Igor is full of will and desire to go to the enemies who encroached on his state. Shades of black and red colors harmoniously reflected the minutes of battle. The glorious warrior is not alone, he has helpers, the picture does not express this, but the viewer understands that the brave prince is not alone in this difficult struggle.

The skill level of Konstantin Alekseevich Vasiliev clearly reflected the nobility of the Russian soul. The historical moment depicted in the masterpiece “Prince Igor” attracts the attention of connoisseurs of painting of the genre of the past. The struggle of the people for freedom and life is the main credo in the future. Despite his young age, the artist shows wisdom and kindness in his masterpiece.

The presence of the Russian spirit of the time is reflected in every corner of the picture. "Prince Igor" - took a worthy place in the works of the artist, and now honorably shows off in the Russian Museum of Painting.

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