Description of the painting by Isaac Izrailevich Brodsky "Stalin"

Description of the painting by Isaac Izrailevich Brodsky

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Portrait of the famous Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, painted in oil on canvas. The artist Brodsky very often painted portraits of famous and talented people from different fields of activity. Many works are devoted to the leader of the proletariat Lenin. However, this picture depicts the most severe and tough man, but a wise and strict leader in the entire history of the USSR.

Stalin is depicted in the background of his workplace, where he spent most of his time. In front of him on the table with amazing clarity and credibility, the artist depicted stacks of newspapers and magazines of a political and economic nature. In the background is a beautiful wall decorated with gold plates, on the shiny surface of which a shadow falls from Stalin standing in front of it.

The leader himself stands, leaning slightly on a cane. His whole posture speaks of power, authority. The back is straight, the posture is proud and strict, the gaze is directed to the side. Stalin stands, turning slightly to one side. The ideal hairstyle - combed back hair, as well as a smoothly combed and neatly trimmed mustache - all this gives out to him a person of a clear organization, loving order and structure in everything. A perfectly white shirt collar peeks out from under his uniform of military cut. Clothing itself mustard brown, strict cut.

In general, the entire portrait is designed in restrained, warm colors from yellow to dark brown. Which reflects the essence of the character of the leader himself. The golden halo of the wall behind him underlines its greatness and significance of the figure. Bright spots in the picture are magazines lying on the table in front of Stalin.

The whole portrait is saturated with life, character and features of the depicted person. Every detail reveals the essence of his deep and contradictory nature.

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