Description of the painting Georges-Pierre Seurat “Sunday walk on the island of Grand Jatte”

Description of the painting Georges-Pierre Seurat “Sunday walk on the island of Grand Jatte”

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Pointillism direction landscape, painted in oil on canvas. In this landscape, the artist used a new technique for painting. He does not mix colors, but applies them in monochrome, sometimes on top of one another. Smears lay down precisely, evenly, accurately. All colors are harmonious, concise and seasoned.

This picture caused at one time very conflicting responses from critics and public opinion. It's all about the figures of people depicted. The artist does not draw faces. All the silhouettes are clear and bright, but when you look at the faces, you see only a blurry, unformed image in which the facial features are vaguely guessed. Because of this, all the characters are like frozen unnatural dolls, mannequins. It is this feature that has been criticized by society.

However, the artist himself explained that this is natural for him. After all, you can look at faces in the theater. But the main thing in the picture is not this, but the internal spiritual component, the subtext that everyone sees in his own way. The essence of the image in the picture is reduced to the rest of ordinary Parisians on the banks of the Seine River on the island of Grand Jatte. The landscape captures a weekend Sunday summer day, in which everyone wants silence, tranquility and a pleasant rest in the air. Someone walks with their soul mates, someone with children, some with dogs.

On one section of the picture is a fragment of a picnic in the air, on the other admiring the boats and ships on the river. Ladies take shelter under umbrellas, which indicates a bright, most likely noon, sun on this day.

The color scheme of the picture combines purple, lilac, yellow, red, white and green shades. Therefore, the landscape is quite bright and saturated. In general, the impression of the picture remains positive. Bliss, idleness, some drowsiness and laziness of the day off are felt.

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