Description of the painting Fedor Vasilyev "In the Crimean Mountains"

Description of the painting Fedor Vasilyev

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The painting has a somewhat sad landscape, most likely, beginning or mid-autumn, the artist's emphasis is clearly made on the stage, which is located in the central part.

We see that the cart pulled by the bulls stopped on the road and there seems to have been some kind of breakdown, because the cab driver is trying to peer closely and find the reason for the stop. In the wagon itself, a female figure is visible, who tilted her head down and waits for the moment when they can continue their journey. This may be the wife of the driver, and her excitement is associated with the fact that it will soon get dark, and in the Crimean mountains, alone with nature, it’s a rather bad state of affairs.

It is worth noting at this moment and the artist’s beautiful, simply phenomenal game with a deep palette of gloomy and very saturated shades that only add sadness and a certain drama to everything that happens. It also adds to the overall drama and the gloomy sky, which obviously will not miss a single ray of hope for light, since it is completely captured by the clouds that have dragged it. The artist depicts the movement of clouds across the sky in such a way that it seems that if you look closely, you can notice their movement.

Twilight rolls faster and faster, and the cabman struggles to continue his journey as quickly as possible. Despite the fact that the foreground is sufficiently illuminated, for some reason, the master decided to leave the mountains themselves in the shade, maybe this was done so as not to distract the viewer's eyes from the main action.

The whole landscape was overgrown with yellowed grass and shrubs, and at a distance there are tall pine trees that stretch up. The use of just such a palette of colors makes you think about the inner experiences of the artist himself, and his conflicting feelings at the time of writing.

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