Description of Claude Monet's painting “The Cathedral in Rouen”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “The Cathedral in Rouen”

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One of the most famous and impressive series of paintings, the famous Claude Oscar Monet, called "Cathedral in Rouen", a series of thirty works. To create his paintings, Monet settled in 1892 directly opposite the cathedral and began work on his brainchild. The artist was very fascinated by the play of light on stone, depending on the time of day, Monet tried to catch this “moving light” that appears and disappears depending on weather conditions and the height of the sun.

The French artist did not concentrate his attention on the whole cathedral, but only on its parts, the tower of St. Martin and the tower of Albane, this fragment serves as a kind of portal of the Gothic cathedral, on all the paintings this part is depicted. Monet woke up at dawn and painted before dark.

Over time, Monet applied a thicker layer of paint to the paintings to emphasize certain details and creates the impression that the painting has its own light. The artist complained that the sooner the work was progressing, the more difficult it was to display his vision, he also complained that he had nightmares, where the cathedral fell on him and forever changed color, it turned yellow, now pink, now blue.

Most of the paintings were painted in 1892-1893, the series was finally finalized in 1894. The paintings are named depending on the lighting, time of day, for example: “Cathedral in Rouen at noon”, “Cathedral in Rouen in the Sun”, “Cathedral in Rouen, portal in gray tone. "

For the first time, viewers saw paintings by the Rouen Cathedral at an exhibition in 1895, although the line aroused conflicting feelings among critics, it changed the worldview of many French and foreign artists. Almost immediately, 8 paintings were sold to various collectors. Monet wanted to sell the remaining paintings to one collector, but due to a rather high price (15 thousand francs), the paintings went to different owners.

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