Description of the painting by Georges Seurat “The Horse”

Description of the painting by Georges Seurat “The Horse”

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He preferred to write on wooden boards rather than on canvas. Later, deciding to create a major work, he pursued the goal of drawing attention to himself. And in 1883, at the Salon, he exhibited his paintings, as well as at the First Exhibition of Independent Artists.
One of his large paintings, which Sera painted for a year, but the jury reacted negatively. Later, he organized his exhibition, where he presented several works, including the first. But still, opinions were divided, with a predominance of a high percentage of negative attitudes.

For example, one of the jury members called the paintings incomprehensible, absolutely unsuccessful and terrible, which are meaningless and contain far-fetchedness. However, Sera was happy for this, but he stopped working with Salon.
Having got acquainted with the famous Paul Signac there, he teamed up with him, creating a new painting technique, which they called pointillism.

On the canvases of Georges Seurat there is an optical analysis in combination with deep color combinations and a neatly built compositional component.
Having created such an original writing technique, Sera himself suffered from this, the way it was very complex and time-consuming. In this regard, the artist in his entire short life created only seven large canvases, many of which depicted horses - they were his favorite animal.
So, this canvas depicts a lonely horse harnessed, perhaps, by a cart, which the viewer does not see. And this is not an accident. Sera had no accidents, everything carried its own meaning. In the picture, a lonely animal reflects the inner essence of the author, his experiences and loneliness, despite the fact that the artist had a family and a small child. But the internal complexes that originated in it were not baseless. He was oppressed by the trivial attitude to his paintings, the lack of understanding by experts in the field of painting of the technique of writing he had introduced.
Unfortunately, his life was short. Death came to him at the height of his youth, at 32 years old.

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