Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "The Cup of Life"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali is one of the most famous and perhaps the most extravagant artists of the last century, who introduced the world to such an artistic direction in painting as surrealism, which made it possible to speak with connoisseurs of real art through the canvases created in this genre.

The main idea of ​​surrealism is to give the viewer a picture that he can judge from his own views, independently determining its idea and purpose of creation. This is precisely the ideological orientation of the canvas, called the "Cup of Life."

The painting belongs to one of the artist’s later works, was painted in 1965 in France, where Dali arrived with his beloved wife Galla, who for many years became the only muse of the genius of painting and portrait. From the point of view of the artist’s commitment to contrasts and irregular shapes, this painting is surprisingly similar to the declared name. On the canvas, the viewer really sees something like a bowl, the silhouette of which is clearly manifested in the thickening darkness.

The base of the bowl is the Earth, covered with a clearly marked rhizome of a tree, the trunk and branches of which encircle the bowl, giving it an irregular shape. The top of the bowl is buried in butterflies, which is probably no coincidence, because some of the representatives of these insects live an extremely fleeting life, barely having time to set aside the pupae.

The petals of a tree are also clinging to the bowl, in all likelihood - this is not just a bowl, but Mother Nature herself, by the will of which everything happens in this world, including the birth of butterflies, the appearance of leaves on the tree, the very desire of the tree to light, and also how picturesque the fallen leaves were at the foot of the bowl.

There is nothing higher than nature and its laws, most likely that is why the cup of life is in complete darkness, because none of the mortals are given the chance to know what will happen after his life is over. The picture aroused mixed views among contemporaries of the artist, but they all agreed on one thing - Dali created another unsurpassed masterpiece.

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