Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov "Etude"

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov

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1917 year

1918 year

Nikolay Krymov is a Russian artist who for a long time tried to form his own creative style, and over time he succeeded. He became a true specialist in the field of landscapes. Krymov loved to depict nature, and also always defended it vehemently, the work of I.A. Kuindzhi greatly influenced the work of the artist.

The work "Etude" was written in 1917, when the author had not yet formed his style, a year later, he wrote another work of the same name, but depicted a completely different picture.

In 1917, the author depicted in his painting a part of the forest, which is shown through the prism of the artist’s imagination, the top of the tree on the left side of the picture is somewhat reminiscent of a giraffe, which indicates some inconsistency, it is clear that the artist is looking for himself, but he already knows the direction in which he it will work and this is nature.

The painting, which was painted in 1918, as it will become clear later, is very characteristic of Krymov, the hidden meaning is already visible here, the artist depicted a burning house in the city, which is gradually overtaken by fire. The picture is divided into clear two parts, which are divided by different colors.

In his paintings, he tries to convey those emotions that he felt when he saw various natural phenomena. These studies are only the basis for the artist’s future works, most of these works will be devoted to the seasons, natural phenomena, incredible landscapes that can only be seen in the Russian outback, in distant villages.

Krymov expands the concept of “beauty of nature” for the viewer, demonstrating in his works that even the most ordinary phenomena in nature can be incredibly beautiful and cause a lot of positive emotions in a person. Real beauty in simple things, it does not need to be sought beyond the distant seas, beauty must be able to feel on your own land.

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