Description of the painting Vasily Maximov “Family section”

Description of the painting Vasily Maximov “Family section”

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The painting "Family Section" by the Russian artist-Wanderer Vasily Maksimovich Maksimov, a native of a simple peasant family. The artist fully shared the ideas of the Narodniks, and the depiction of the life of just a people was the main theme of his works.

In the picture, he very vividly and realistically depicted the spirit of the then village, the split of the former patriarchal foundations. Here is the division of property between the two brothers. Troubles are immediately felt. In a small cramped room, a whole family gathered for family council, a lot of things, fabrics, furs, other utensils are scattered on the floor. Greed and selfishness against helplessness and modesty - the eternal theme of the struggle, which is so clearly shown in the female types.

The girl who is half-sided to us, bending her head in sadness, is the youngest daughter-in-law, deceived and destitute. Her image is sad and poetic, as in Venetsianov’s paintings, she evokes sympathy and sadness. Contrasting her is the greedy and evil wife of an older brother. She sits on a chair with a look of her own superiority and stares at her daughter-in-law with a stinging rebuke.

But it is impossible in the full sense of the word to call the picture believable. For peasant customs had their own order and charter. All this abuse and the argument between the two brothers, this whole section with a living father, is completely implausible.

Most often, in such cases, if it was not possible to divide in a peaceful way, they would turn to the most respected people and decide everything in fairness, and then reconcile and go home. Or they cast lots, and the lot was considered a sign from above, the fairest decision in difficult cases that happened in peasant life

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