Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "View of St. Petersburg"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Aivazovsky’s painting “View of St. Petersburg”, relating to the late period of the artist’s work, is relatively little known to the general public.

First of all, Aivazovsky is a marine painter. And most of his work is connected with the sea. Sometimes, as an exception, he painted other paintings. In the canvas "View of St. Petersburg" there is no sea, but there is a river - the Neva. Water occupies almost the entire space, partially restrained only by the shores and built houses.

At some point, the water merges with a cloudy sky. And it’s not always possible to precisely identify the line where one element passes into another. The setting sun slightly illuminates the sky, a little drag by clouds, and is reflected in the water. The color of the river and sky is almost the same - turquoise, light gray.

As in most of Aivazovsky’s paintings, water dominates here. Along the banks you can distinguish the most famous St. Petersburg buildings - the Stock Exchange, the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the majestic Winter Palace. But the grandeur of these buildings fades before the power of the river.

There are many sailboats, both moored to the shore, and sailing, several small boats, and even a raft driven by the helmsman. Given the number of large and small vessels, the helmsman must be very skilled.

In general, in the picture you can see a complete set of the main attractions of St. Petersburg - many architectural monuments, a marina with ships and the Neva River, which has spilled in all directions.

Aivazovsky connected a lot with Petersburg - in this city he fully developed as an artist. At the heart of the picture, as in most others, is a reverence for the nature, grandeur and beauty of the river.

The painting, which is stored in the National Gallery in Yerevan, is less known to the viewer than the earlier paintings of the artist, depicting St. Petersburg. Here you can see the late Aivazovsky - a calm landscape, water, a domestic scene.

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