Description of Peter Rubens painting "Fur Coat"

Description of Peter Rubens painting

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After the death of his first wife in 1626, Rubens marries a second time, his wife becomes the daughter of his friend, young Elena Faurment, with whom he lived a happy 10 years of life until his death. During this period, she very often posed for her husband's portraits, helping her to create world masterpieces.

The painting “Fur Coat” stands out from them, which depicts a frank, sensual and full of captivating beauty image of the second wife of the great Flemish artist. The portrait of Rubens “Fur Coat” also has another name - “Venus in Furs”. And indeed, Elena in the picture personifies youth and beauty. The woman is full of freshness, femininity and charm, and her elastic body is covered with a velvet coat elegantly draped over her shoulders.

In this picture, the technique of late Rubens reaches the highest degree of refinement. He subtly feels the tones: the body of a full-bosomed beauty shimmers with delicate mother-of-pearl shades, which is gracefully shaded by a dark background - fur coats.

There are no parallel lines in the picture, they are all broken. Her hands, calves, neck and soft, airy hair - her whole body gently immersed in fur, leaving at the same time in the shadow, and the border between the figure and immersion remains blurred. The background “pulling” the body into itself allows the viewer to admire the copper shade of hair, the tone of the chest and hands, merged into a single pearl symphony. In the game of colors, the picture "comes to life" in front of the audience, I want to touch it.

The spiral-shaped turn that Elena stands in makes her magnificent figure more graceful. Rubens was able to convey through the canvas all the love and passion for his second wife, his admiration for her earthly beauty. In the last years of his life, the artist, thanks to Elena, moved away from the image of abundant forms, his art became more refined, sincere and enlightened.

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