Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Savvinskaya Sloboda near Zvenigorod”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Savvinskaya Sloboda near Zvenigorod”

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Levitan is a sensual artistic lyricist, lived a short but fruitful life. Favorite student of Savrasov at the art school, where the future painter studied from the age of thirteen. The canvases created by him, and there are more than a thousand of them, are still appreciated throughout the world.

The famous painter, landscape painter, extremely subject to his mood. This is reflected in his works, which he himself called "paintings of mood."

Levitan's first love was Chekhov's sister. The brother respected the painter, but strongly recommended and even insisted not to connect his life with him, due to the artist’s eternal uncertainty. After the failure, Levitan began a serious depression, which was reflected in his paintings.

An artist cannot write just like that, if necessary. Each of his landscapes is executed on thin soul strings. Sometimes Levitan created canvases similar to a major chord. Sometimes, on the contrary, a viscous minority crawled with heavy clouds along the canvas.

Work in the Savvinskaya settlement began in 1884, when Levitan arrived there with his longtime friend Perepletchikov. The result of the fruitful work of the artist was a whole series of paintings by the author, one of which was the painting "Savvinskaya Sloboda near Zvenigorod."

"Sloboda" is made so naturally and vividly that it creates a feeling of lightness and airiness near Moscow air. Nesterov wrote about the artist that no one was able to see nature as peaceful as Levitan saw it.

The artist died in the prime of life from a long illness. He wrote constantly. His last story remained incomplete, but he, in all its incompleteness, has great artistic value.

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