Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “Walk”

Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “Walk”

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Watercolor created in 1849.

We see a group of people taking a walk in Madeira. The artist concentrated all his attention on an unusual stroller in shape. Oxen harnessed to her. Ladies and two gentlemen comfortably settled in such an exotic carriage. People are specially highlighted in order to emphasize their special position. Only after that the viewers' eyes will already go to those riders who are accompanying this magnificent stroller.

The painter used incredibly bright colors in his watercolors. The whole landscape is as if drunk from the inside by the sun. We feel it not only in every blade of grass and leaves, but also in the central characters of this magnificent creation. With extraordinary skill each figure is registered.

We feel a special movement, which is conveyed by the position and rotation of the head of all people. Graceful horses and strong oxen are drawn very realistically and unusually vividly. They are so real that it seems that we can hear the sound of hooves and the creaking of wheels.

On the one hand, the plot is very exotic. But at the same time, it is as simple and ordinary as possible. The artist makes the audience feel that there is nothing special here. This kind of walk was the usual entertainment of wealthy people on Madera. Bryullov just saw one such scene and captured it in his watercolor, skillfully combining it with a masterfully prescribed landscape.

The realistic and at the same time quite exotic plot of this creation is so real that it does not seem to us that someone specially posed for the artist. This life picture captured as realistic as possible creates an incredibly sunny, full of cheerfulness mood. The abundance of light and colorful composition, spelled out to the smallest detail, speak of the extraordinary skill of the artist, for whom all the details are significant.

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