Description of Claude Monet's painting “Bordighera”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “Bordighera”

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The artist was so fascinated by this area that he depicted it from all sides for a short time. There are several paintings dedicated to this place and they are made from almost the same point in the area, but at the same time, as if from different angles.

The artist was simply fascinated by the harmony of nature and a sharp gamut of colors. That's where Monet really showed his admiration for beauty. See how many shades of summer. There is a bright blue sea, and the city’s light brown houses, and of course the vegetation in the foreground - from dark green to light green with the invariably dark brown color of the tree. But interestingly, the sky at the same time lost its blue and some kind of pale blue, even rather grayish.

Impressionism is the style that Monet promoted, one of the most striking styles in painting. And probably one of the most reliable. Artists often used this minute moment in life to depict it on the canvas. “What I see and write” is the motto of the Impressionists and they painted canvases without cheating, frankly, honestly, with the fullness of color and light.

And here on the canvas everything is honest, everything is realistic and everything is true. And most importantly, it is unusually beautiful. The nature of the Mediterranean has always been magnificent. It differs from the rest of European nature in that it is tropical bright. Even in the autumn-winter periods, bright summer colors remain in the form of evergreens on this earth. And now this area is a favorite territory of artists. There are those who are trying to repeat Monet's experience, but what was given to the great artist is clearly not given to the simple painter. Imitation never benefits.

Monet vividly and variably depicted the surroundings of the city and therefore brought him some share of fame. Now tourists are striving for this city, because the great Monet lived there and, moreover, he worked there on his masterpieces.

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