Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Gulf of Naples in the morning"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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This painting was painted in 1843. Aivazovsky at that time lived in Italy. The magnificent nature of this region inspired the artist to write works of incredible beauty. Viewers admire such an exquisite understanding with which the master could convey the beauty of the surrounding region.

We see the Gulf of Naples, which is depicted completely at dawn. Light fog has not disappeared above the water. It merges into a slightly noticeable haze. More recently, the sun came out over the horizon. The expanse of blue water with emerald reflections is flooded with warm sunlight. The viewer sees the bay, which is filled with special overflows of colors. There are azure, and blue, and pink tones. Today it will be warm.

The plot is absolutely unpretentious. But Aivazovsky managed to make him a landscape full of true charm. The whole composition is clearly verified, each paint sounds in a special way, the colors are chosen expertly. The whole creation is filled with sun and air.

Aivazovsky is a true master in the image of air and special light, colors are transmitted with maximum accuracy, incredibly perfect shades are selected, subtle transitions harmonize with every detail drawn.

Spectators see fishing boats and sailboats that quietly glide along the recently awakened bay. These details add a special charm to the landscape. This creation of Aivazovsky is made in the spirit of romanticism. The whole canvas is filled with very sincere lyricism. The author could not only see, but also convey the beauty of the morning, and also express the depth of his admiration for this beauty. The whole picture seems to glow from the inside.

The artist is a true master who not only sees a special charm in simple things, but can also convey his feelings to all viewers. The landscape is so vibrant and bright that it does not create a feeling of static, but at the same time the movement is incredibly quiet and soft.

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